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By reducing the lumen of sildenafil, the adenoids rebuild the vascular regulation of its mucosa.

This leads to edema of the inferior turbinates. When the lumen of the internal openings of the nose and nasopharynx narrows, nasal resistance increases. Because of this, the child begins to breathe through the mouth. The tone of the pharyngeal muscles decreases, causing the soft palate to vibrate at night - snoring.

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Also, during sleep or with an exacerbation of the chronic process, patients are worried about periodic nasal congestion - a common symptom of adenoids. It is characteristic of the I and II degrees of the severity of the disease. If nasal discharge (runny nose) has been added to the congestion, then this symptom will indicate adenoiditis. Also, this picture may be a sign of inflammation in the paranasal sinuses and nasal cavity.